This is Real – I’m in Italy

Day 27: First Day of No Class

Today was the first day that I didn’t have my intensive classes, and it was…. interesting. I woke up for class early and got to class on time. After class I didn’t know what to do with myself. Luckily my roommate Lena doesn’t have classes on Mondays and I was able to hang out with her, like ALL day. I knew that not having anything to do all day would be a slight struggle for me. At first I loved it, then I realized I had absolutely nothing to do or work on. Always being involved in something in college made it a struggle to just sit and relax for the entire day. I spent my day looking up trips and their prices and figuring out where I wanted to go before I have to leave this beautiful place.

Day 28: Officially 4 Weeks

Coming to Italy only needing 3 credits to receive my degree I planned to take classes that interested me. I always tell people “if I could draw I would have been an interior design major” so I decided to take an interior design class. After four classes I have decided that interior design is my favorite class. The professor has a lot of knowledge about the industry and has done a lot of work in the Florence area. Yesterday he took us on a “field trip” to a design supply store and it was amazing [think classy ikea]. While there we talked about different layouts, materials, and products. It was interesting to see the differences between American and Italian products [for example, there were not any shower/tub combinations].

My favorite room display on the interior design trip

My favorite room display on the interior design trip – I love the mirror as an accent wall

After class I met up with Heather for lunch at Pino’s and then we headed to my apartment to research and book a trip! After searching high and low for somewhere to go and trying to get the best prices, we got something booked! I can’t wait to make our way to Brussels and Amsterdam!

As of today I have been in Italy four 4 weeks! The time so far has flown by, and I am beginning to get scared about how “little time” I have left here. I went from wanting to go home on day 3 to not knowing how I will be able to go back.

Day 29: A Day at the Museum

I started the day with an Italian quiz which I think I did surprisingly good on and then headed home to get some laundry done. That afternoon Heather and I went to Palazzo Pitti and looked though the art gallery portion of the museum.

Solaria alle Giubbe Rosse at Palazzo Pitti

Solaria alle Giubbe Rosse at Palazzo Pitti

View of the Duomo from Palazzo Pitti

View of the Duomo from Palazzo Pitti

Day 30: Typical Foodie – Gelato and Pizza

Today was my first day of not having any classes. I started the day by doing laundry and going grocery shopping. Afterwards Rebeka and I meet up with other students from our program for a gelato tour lead by our activity directors. We visited 6 different gelato shops and tested out new flavors. After the tour we were craving something not so sweet, so we decided to get pizza for dinner. I know it’s embarrassing but up until going to Gusta Pizza I hadn’t had pizza in Florence – I’m a pasta girl. I had heard so many people talk about Gusta and I needed to try it for myself. Rebeka and I both got a spicy salami pizza and it was delicious!

Spicy Salami Pizza from Gusta Pizza

Spicy Salami Pizza from Gusta Pizza

Days 31 & 32: Sit Back and Relax

Friday and Saturday I didn’t have anything planned and spent both days catching up on blogging, researching trips, and watching Friends. Saturday night Rebeka and I made breakfast for dinner. We had pancakes, sausage, eggs, and bananas, and it was amazing!!

Day 33: Assisi Day Trip

Assisi is the birthplace and the place of burial of St. Francis. It was great learning about the history of the town and St. Francis’s impact on religion. The churches that we toured were beautiful and I loved the designs and murals that covered the interior of the churches. The designs were very similar to tile designs that I had seen while at the interior design store on my field trip.

What I’ve Learned

1. If I try new foods I will most likely like them. Since being in Italy I have eaten things that I refused to eat in America – spinach, bananas, zucchini and even mushrooms.

2. It’s okay to not constantly be doing something exciting.

3. I’m only here for a short amount of time so take advantage of every opportunity.

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