Intensive Week

Days 20 – 24: Intensive Class Week

I-N-T-E-N-S-E. The word that describes my entire school week. Planning ahead, like I usually do, I planned for two of my classes to be intensive classes. I had the two classes everyday for three weeks. It was the perfect excuse to have a five day weekend. But back to present time, I was somehow prepared and conquered the week. I had a group paper due Wednesday, two group presentations Thursday, and two finals on Friday, along with assignments in between. Friday after my wine appreciation final my entire wine class went out for drinks together. It was great to get to know some of my classmates better. Although I’ll miss my amazing classmates, I am so happy the classes are over and excited to explore Florence more throughout the week with the masses of tourist.

Day 25: Lazy Day

It was a gloomy day to begin with, and no one really felt like doing anything too excited. I started the day by getting breakfast with my roommate Rebeka and her friend at a popular coffee shop near the train station. After talking for awhile, and all getting to know each other better we headed home to drop off a coffee for our roommate then we headed to Pino’s  [like the best panini place in Florence/everywhere]. Being completely full we decided to walk off our lunch and do some shopping and exploring. None of us found anything that we couldn’t live without so we decided to get something for a coffee break at the cafe around the corner from our apartment.

That evening I didn’t have anything planned so Rebeka and I decided to try out a Nutella brownie recipe that we had found on the internet. The recipe only called for eggs and Nutella so we figured it would be something quick and easy that we would be able to make. We waiting patiently for the brownies being done, expecting them to taste better than Nutella itself. Unfortunately the brownies were horrible and tasted like eggs. Being the Nutella addicts that we are we found another, much simpler, treat to make for our midnight snack – Nutella and ritz crackers. It was soo good!

Day 26: Fiorentina Soccer

For the majority of the day we just walked around counting down the hours until it was time to watch the Florence match. Heather found a store that was offering deals in their Fiorentina merchandise so we headed there to buy some jerseys. The man that owned the shop was kinda and updated with information about the team so we would have some idea of what was going on. Before the game we went to grandpa’s [our favorite restaurant] to eat dinner and then headed on our 45 minute walk to the stadium. The game was a great experience but ended in a tie game 1-1. Apparently there is no overtime in the regular season [I’m not sure if this is true but we overheard someone else say it] On our way home we all stopped and got fries and kabobs form a place close to our apartment – I finally found amazing fries that remind me of America, which is a good and bad thing at the same time.

The group ready for the game. (not pictured: Fransisco)

The group ready for the game. (not pictured: Fransisco)

Soccer Field

Soccer Field

Things I’ve Learned

1. You can become great friends with people you’ve only known for 3 weeks

2. Looking back the intense week could have been worse

3. The food here is amazing and I’m gaining weight [and I don’t mind a bit]

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