Do We Actually Have to go to Class!?

Day 3 – Arrival of the Roomie

The morning started off with orientation at my new university, Florence University of the Arts. I thankfully got into all of the classes that I wanted to be in – beginning Italian, intro. to interior design, fashion magazine, and wine appreciation. After recuperating from orientation I met up with my friends from my home university. We walked around the city and explored the beautiful scenery and shops. While in a leather store I found the cutest suite case, and it was even on sale. Trying not to be an impulse buyer I didn’t purchase the suite case [the mention of the suite case is random but I want it]. After exploring for a few hours we decided that we should go out tonight so we parted ways to begin the process of getting ready for the night.

PLOT TWIST: Due to some unforeseen circumstances my roommates and I had to move out of our apartment for the weekend. So we hauled our things about three and a half blocks away from our old apartment to our temporary one.

Rebeka during our temporary move.

Rebeka during our temporary move.

As I was getting ready to take a shower our last roommate, Kathleen, arrived. After talking with her and planning on meeting up later, I began getting ready for the dinner and a night out with my friends. Meeting Heather and Alison for dinner was a bigger struggle that we had expected it to be. We were going to meet at my favorite pizza place for €1.50 slices of pizza. I left a little later than expected and they got a little lost. After about five minutes I decided to grab a slice and head back to my apartment. As I was walking out of the shop, sure enough there was Heather and Alison. We decided to go to a restaurant to get dinner. Since I already had my pizza I decided to have wine and cheese cake. It was my first glass of wine in Italy and it was amazing!

Cheesecake and Wine

Cheesecake and Wine

After dinner we stopped at a small shop for some wine. There was a deal for 3 bottles of wine for €10 – amazing deal right! Then we headed back to our apartment to meet up with my roommates. After deciding where we wanted to go we headed to Red Garter which is a very popular American bar. There were three sections to the bar, an area for karaoke, a lighted area for conversation, and an area were people were both dancing and mingling. After our night out we made a quick stop for €1.50 pizza and headed home.

Day 4 – Exploration

I surprisingly slept for 8 hours this night and contribute much of it to my long day and lack of sleep. After getting ready for the day, Kathleen and I met up with Heather and Alison for breakfast. We went to a little cafe that offered a student discount for breakfast. We each got a crissonat and cappuccino for €2. I wasn’t a fan of the cappuccino, but then again it was worth a try while I was in Florence.

Cappuccino and Croissants

Cappuccino and Croissa

My main goal for the day was to find the gelato shop that a friend suggested to me and never having gelato before it was on my study abroad bucket list. We visited Ponte Vecchio and window shopped through all of the stores on the bridge. We stopped at a hat store where we admired all of the modern and vintage hats. Allison bought the a hat that matched her personality perfectly. After strolling though the streets of Florence we stumbled upon the gelato shop that I wanted to go to! There were so many flavors to choose from, after debating on my flavor I decided to try the strawberry. It was amazing!

My first gelato from Gelateria Dei Neri! #selfi

My first gelato from Gelateria Dei Neri! #selfi

After gelato we went back to our apartment to rest for awhile. Heather met up with Kathleen and I for dinner at Osteria De’Peccatori. After a lovely dinner we made our way home to get ready for another night out. Overall my favorite part of the night was going to Shot Cafe. They had an amazing shot that tasted like vanilla! It included flavored liquor, an orange slice with sugar, and it was finished off by lighting it on fire.

Mystery Shot

Mystery Shot

Day 5 – Super Bowl Sunday

Since classes were just 24 hours away I decided it would be best to stay in for the day to read my syllabus and update my planner. After this my roommate Kathleen and I decided to go find out first class for the day so we didn’t have to get up earlier than necessary for our 8:00 am on Monday.

We easily found our class and then decided to have dinner. With no where specific in mind we started to wander the streets near our apartment for somewhere new to eat. We found a place called college and decided to go there. We each got the lasagna and a glass of wine and it only cost us €5.50 each.

After dinner Heather came over so we could go to a bar to watch the Super Bowl. The first bar we went to was going to charge us €10 to stand and watch the game. Since the room was already packed we decided to watch the game somewhere else, and thank goodness we did. We went to a small apartment near my apartment. We bought a plate for the buffet which was €5 and long islands that were €4 each. We paid less for food, a drink, and a front row seat in front of a tv than we would have paid to stand in the other bar. We were so ecstatic we made the decision. At the bar there was a mixture of Americans and Italians who were all excited for the game. Heather and I made a bet on the game – the loosing team had to buy the margarita pitcher that we were planning on having on Wednesday night. Heather rooted for the Patriots and I the Seahawks. [Hopefully you all watched the Super Bowl and now know that I unfortunately have to buy a marg pitcher Wednesday.] Being 8 hours ahead of the game, we didn’t leave the bar until around 4:15 am. It was great to have a piece of America with me in Italy.

Day 6 – My Last Fist Day of Classes

If I could summarize my first day of classes in Firenze in one word it would be stressful! Because of the Super Bowl I only got two hours of sleep, and to top it off I had an 8:00 am class. Luckily my roommate Kathleen also has an 8:00am class so we can wake each other up and walk to class together.

Besides major fatigue the morning went on without a hitch. Kathleen and I arrived at our 12pm class to find out that we were in the wrong room and building. Once we got the email we were already home so we went back to our class and were about 45  minutes late. After this class I had to make my way across town to my wine appreciation class. Long story short, I got lost for about an hour and 20 minutes. Once finding my way to the correct building [with help from Heather] I was an hour late to class, thankfully it was a two hour and thirty minute class. My teacher was very understanding about the situation which is a relief. I think wine class is going to be my favorite of the semester.

After a stressful day of classes and moving back into our original apartment my roommates and I headed out to dinner. Originally were were going to go to a panini shop but we went back to Osteria De’Peccatori. This time I got the fettuccine alfredo con pollo [with chicken]. It was definitely the best meal that I had, had so far in Florence. This also helped me shake off the troubles of the day. After dinner my roommates and I grabbed some gelato and headed home.

Things I’ve Learned:

1. I’ve started to figure out the streets around the city.

2. I have the best friends, they are always supportive and encourage me to do my best.

3. I’m more homesick than I thought I would be.

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