My Year of Travel

Oh my oh my… What a year it has been. Last year I wrote about 2013 and all of the different experiences I had. This year I am writing again but I’ve decided to post it here, on my lovely blog.

The year started off with me thinking I was going to take on the world. I rocked fall semester finishing off with a semester GPA of 3.81, I was a newly elected council member, Secretary, for my sorority, and appointed the position of president of events for family weekend. I was so excited and ready for what the semester had in store. I attended my sorority’s leadership training and I got a greater understanding for why I joined my chapter and my service for my sorority.

After the leadership training was over and the semester got into the full swing with classes, meetings, and clubs. I, of course, got sick of the constant routine and craved something more.

I guess be careful what you ask for because I got something that stirred up my life quite a bit. February 14, 2014 – Valentine’s Day – my long-term boyfriend and I called it quits. Even though it was bound to happen sooner or later I was upset about the breakup. I had spent about three and a half years with this guy and it all fell apart simply because we both wanted different things in life.

From there on the semester flew by. I made new friends and attempted to try new things to ‘figure’ my life out. I found an internship and was getting excited to have the experience of living in an apartment and planning my first event from scratch on my own. Most of all I was excited for my birthday – the big twenty fun.

My first night out wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I decided to give it another shot (no pun intended). The second night out was my picture perfect idea of what turning 21 was suppose to be and on top of my friends celebrating with me I met a guy!


At first he was just someone I saw when I went out to the bars and then the feelings came. I wanted to see him all the time. The conversations we had were like none other. They were real, about things that actually mattered in the world. He gave me a new perspective on life and his smile was pretty addictive too. Too bad for me he was moving so of course I pretended like everything was fine and dandy and never said a word about my feelings. Looking back now I wish I had mentioned something – at least before he had left. Maybe someday we will be in the right place at the right time but for now he will forever be my first summer love.

I loved every minute of my summer and wish that it would have lasted longer.

Fall semester started off as best as it possibly could, my sister joined my sorority at my (and 32,999 other student’s) school. I was so extremely excited for her to start creating memories with our sorority and at the university.

Bid Day

Ever since the break up I had been in the constant dilemma of whether or not I was going to study abroad during my last semester of college. A few days before school started I was talking with my friends and they said I should definitely study abroad – it was a once in a lifetime experience that I couldn’t pass up. I went online to see if I would be able to change my class schedule so that I would still graduate on time. Sure enough there was one spot still open in the speech class that I needed to be in. I took that as the sign that I was meant to study abroad.


From that moment on I tried to experience everything I possibly could since it was my final semester as a college student at my beloved university – Iowa State. I tailgated for the first, and last, time as a student, I participated in homecoming events, and went out way more than I should have. There are always quotes and sayings floating around that college/20’s are the time our life and there is time to sleep and save later in life. I totally agree with this statement and it was my motto for the semester. Aside from doing all of the “college” things I also boosted my resume by successfully completing family weekend and my internship.


Remember my long-term ex? Yeah well he proposed to his girlfriend under the Campanile (Iowa State clock tower – Google it, it’s beautiful). “My campanile – he doesn’t even go here!” was the first thing I thought when I found out. I was speechless, we had dated for almost 3.5 years (on and off), had broken up 10 months earlier, he had been dating this girl for six months, and now he wanted to spend forever with her? It wasn’t until the next day when I walked pass the Campanile that I realized that I didn’t care. I remembered that we broke up because we weren’t going to work. I remembered all of the amazing memories that I had made in the past ten months and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

Everything does happen for a reason. While dating my ex I realized what I didn’t want out of life. The breakup led me to try new things and make new friends. Without my roommates from this summer or the guy I lusted over for six months, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And right now in this moment I am realizing that I am more than satisfied with my life because it’s all about the people you meet along the way and the memoires you make with them.

I am ecstatic that I have the opportunity to immerse myself into a totally new culture and travel while studying abroad. 2015 is my year of travel and I cannot wait to share it with you. I hope you’re ready for the adventure of your lifetime!

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